Deschutes Trading has been in business of brokering cedar shakes and shingles for over 20 years. From cedar tapersawn to siding, we can cut virtually any type of cedar and deliver it right to your job. Deschutes Trading produces all different types of grades to meet your needs. We are the Northwest’s leading cedar roofing and siding manufacturer!

Already have a supplier or broker? We’ll beat most prices in the cedar shake and shingle industry. Deschutes Trading is a small company out of Bend, Oregon that produces BIG in the cedar industry. No matter the cedar shake or shingle type, we can help.

We know cedar roofing.

Many brokerage firms simply have cedar roofing “salesmen.” Which isn’t necessarily bad, but our sales executive has actually been on a roof and laid his own product. Dan Lee not only sells cedar, but he knows what he’s selling, so you won’t be getting something you don’t need. We have built strong relationships with almost every cedar mill in Canada and Washington over the years. Our undeniable reputation over a span of 20 years shows hard work and dedication towards our customers. Give us a try and call today to speak with a cedar roofing professional!

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